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Vaso-Prophin All Natural E.D. Formula



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577.5mg Extent-RX Caplets

No Rx Necessary!!! 

Vaso-Prophin Rx™ is a safe, over the counter, a natural alternative to a better quality of life. An all-natural alternative for men without the harmful chemicals, hormones or additives.

Vaso-Prophin Rx™ is fortified with all-natural ingredients, and it gives you the energy that a man needs.It utilizes an advanced delivery system to allow the natural active ingredients to remain bio-available for periods up to 12 hours and help boost the energy levels.

Safe for men with high blood pressure and/or diabetes.


Take on (1) caplet 2-3 hours prior to sexual activity. Do not exceed three (3) caplets in one day.


Muira Puama
Horny Goat Weed
Que Bracho
L-Arginine Pyroglutamata
Coenzyne Q10

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